Learning To Let Go

As we go through life, especially (from my experience) as you change and grow, we have to learn to let things go. Those might be physical, tangible, material things that you have in your life, but it could also be people, places, jobs, or things that you’ve believed about yourself. If you’ve been away fromContinue reading “Learning To Let Go”

Setting Boundaries: Why Is It Important?

Setting boundaries is some that I’ve always seriously struggled with, throughout the majority of my life. If someone said or did something that bothered me, I just put up with it. I’d let it stew in my mind, get upset and angry, but I’d never tell them that I don’t want them to do/say thatContinue reading “Setting Boundaries: Why Is It Important?”

The Art of Conversation: What’s happened to it?

Something that’s continued to become more and more obvious to me is that no one in today’s world seems to be willing to have actual real conversations or discussions about anything. It’s driving me nuts. If you voice an opinion that is different than someone else’s, they automatically assume that you hate them, or you’reContinue reading “The Art of Conversation: What’s happened to it?”

Having a bad day? Or is it really just a bad moment

Are you having a bad day, or just a bad moment that your letting take over your entire day(s)? This is something that took be a bit of time to be able to fully grasp when I first heard it. How could it NOT be a bad day when I’ve had x, y, or zContinue reading “Having a bad day? Or is it really just a bad moment”

YOU are your own best advocate

When living with chronic health conditions, it can be exhausting trying to get doctors and other health professionals to listen. To do what’s needed to actually find a diagnosis. This is something that I’ve gone through since I was in my mid-teens. Every time I went to the doctor because I was dealing with suchContinue reading “YOU are your own best advocate”

Why happiness and success should not be your destination

I’ll be happy when I find a new relationship. I’ll be happy when I loose the weight. I’ll be successful when I make ____ amount of money. I’ll be successful when I get my dream job. Do any of these sound familiar? Maybe you’ve caught yourself saying things like this before. Not necessarily these specificContinue reading “Why happiness and success should not be your destination”

Your thoughts are lying to you

Something that many (if not all) of us were never taught about growing up is whether or not we should trust the thoughts that we’re having, whether they are true or if they are lies. As a result we tend to go through life thinking that just because we have a thought about something, thatContinue reading “Your thoughts are lying to you”

Stop letting fear run your life!

Fear is something that we are generally taught is a negative, or non-serving feeling to have. That we aren’t supposed to be scared, and if we are than we’ll get made fun off, bullied, or looked down on. But something I’ve come to realize over the last few years is that fear really can beContinue reading “Stop letting fear run your life!”

Date Yourself: Get to know, and love, who YOU really are.

Something that I have come to realize over the last few years, is that somewhere along the line of my life, I started to loose who I really was. What hobbies I had, things that I actually enjoyed doing, even what my own personal opinion was on a wide array of topics (if not justContinue reading “Date Yourself: Get to know, and love, who YOU really are.”

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