Live Your Own Journey

Lately I've been feeling like I've been in a bit of a "funk", feeling off from my norm in many different ways. I haven't been feeling the inspiration to write as much, workout, or eat healthy as I have over the last year or so. Quite frankly I've just felt like crap. I've been feeling… Continue reading Live Your Own Journey


Stop being so f*cking nice!

People pleasing was a hardwired part of me for much of my life, and honestly I still catch myself with it from time to time. It was never anything I did on purpose, it just felt like it was a part of me, a part of how I was made.I would rarely consider how doing… Continue reading Stop being so f*cking nice!

It’s something you did, NOT who you are

I was listening to a podcast while on a flight the other day, and heard them utter this sentence "It's something you did, not who you are", and I've got to say... it spoke to me. We have a tendency to identify ourselves by the things in our lives. What we do for a living,… Continue reading It’s something you did, NOT who you are

What’s YOUR Driver?

Behind every thought, decision, or goal that we have in life, there is always a reason behind it for why we want what we want. A big revelation I've had throughout my journey is determining what the real reason is behind my goals, my decisions, my thoughts. For years I wanted to loose weight, but… Continue reading What’s YOUR Driver?

Self Care is NOT Selfish

A common problem I tend to see, and hear all the time is people not taking the time for themselves when its needed. Pushing yourself to the bone, thinking you need to hustle and grind, be constantly working, constantly on the go, never taking time to breathe. Sound familiar? I know it is to me.… Continue reading Self Care is NOT Selfish

Perspective is Everything!

No matter what the situation is that you're currently in, or have dealt with in the past, there is ALWAYS multiple ways you can look at it. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to see the other side, in the moment, but I can assure you that it is there. A simple example is your… Continue reading Perspective is Everything!

Learn Your Language

While each of the 4 pillars, as outlined previously, are important as a whole. I found that Learn Your Language was one of the most important ones for myself. Learning how I talked to myself, how I worded certain things, was almost revolutionary in my personal growth, as well as how I actually thought about… Continue reading Learn Your Language