You’re worth more than your body size

Something that has bothered me for a very long time is the nuance that our weight, our body size, somehow has something to do with how we see our own self worth. How many times in a day do we see influences in our lives that continually tell us that we need to be smaller,… Continue reading You’re worth more than your body size

What to do when things don’t go your way

I swear, almost nothing in life seems to go the way I wanted or expected it to, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Weather it be something small like going through my morning routine, or something bigger like trying to treat and heal health issues, or making plans… Continue reading What to do when things don’t go your way

An update on me: Gut Issues, The Medical System, and Mental Health

First off, I'd like to apologize to any of my followers for the fact that I haven't been present with both writing blog posts, or on my social media pages, over the last several months. In late 2018 I had gotten food poisoning at a holiday party I attended, and it just never seemed to… Continue reading An update on me: Gut Issues, The Medical System, and Mental Health

How To Use Your Imagination to Serve YOU

In the past I've reviewed 3 of the 4 pillars of mindset that I practice. Each of the ones I've reviewed before are Learn Your Language, Review Your Direction, and Count Your Wins. Today I'm writing to talk to you about the last of these 4 pillars, which is Imagine Your Outcome. When I was… Continue reading How To Use Your Imagination to Serve YOU

Anxiety And Our Thoughts

For years I've been heard people saying "you choose your own thoughts", or telling myself and others just to let go of that belief or thought. I know that I've also said these words to others myself at times, because it is something I truly believe. But, over the last few months, I've been experiencing… Continue reading Anxiety And Our Thoughts

Stop Ignoring How You Feel

Don't let go too soon, but don't hold on too long. Find the balance between the two

Are Responsibility and Fault The Same?

One concept that I honestly had a difficult time with understanding in early days of starting my personal growth journey was the concept of responsibility VS blame. Especially the fact that just because you accept responsibility for a situation, does not necessarily mean that you are accepting blame/fault for what was done. And honestly, that… Continue reading Are Responsibility and Fault The Same?

Do what feels right

So many times in my life I've ended up just doing things because I thought I "should" be doing them. From going to university right out of high school (even though I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life) to staying in relationships that weren't right for me, to agreeing… Continue reading Do what feels right

Review Your Direction

Its been awhile since I've written about one of the 4 Pillars of Mindset so I figured it was probably time to have another in depth look at one of the pillars. This time I'm going to focus a bit more on Review your direction. As outlined previously, Review Your Direction is where you go… Continue reading Review Your Direction

Changing Habits

This is something I see happen all the time time, and I know I've been guilty of this in the past myself. Someone decides that there is something they want to change. This can be anything... their weight, their job, their finances, their relationship. You name it. They set the goal that they wish to… Continue reading Changing Habits