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My name is Lindsay. I’m a 32 year old female living in eastern Canada. Personally, I feel I grew up with a “typical” childhood. Parents were together until my last year of high school, 2 siblings, many friends living close by. Honestly nothing in my life really seemed out of the ordinary to me.

Throughout my late teens, and into my 20s, I experienced depression and anxiety. Sometimes just moderately, sometimes more severe. Suicidal thoughts, thinking no one cared about me, that life was always going to suck. You name it, theres a chance I thought about it at least once somewhere along the way. I rarely, if ever, let anyone in my life (family, friends, significant others, etc) in on the fact that I was going through any of this. I ALWAYS did what I could to put on a face, and pretend everything was totally fine.

Come early 2018, the relationship I had been in for about 2.5 years ended due to both of us having pretty deep seeded mental health issues, and were at the point we were just feeding off each other. I hold nothing against him, and sometimes things just don’t work out. But, this was the event that made me realize that I needed to get a hold of things. I needed to get back to being MYSELF. The person I hadn’t seen in me in probably more than a decade.

In that time I discovered mindset coaches on Facebook, whose names are Brain & Carrie. They quite literally taught me the tools to change my life. I personally use their system on a daily basis, and have found the best ways to adapt it to work in my own life.

I also taken a course with them to become a mindset coach myself with their Eliminate Your Limits program. Honestly, this was done for my own personal growth, but I feel so strongly about this information that it has drawn me to share my own stories. To hopefully help others release from their own struggles.

So that leads me to here. To my Level Your Mind blog. I’m going to use this page to share some of my own struggles. Information that I found helped me improve my own mindset, move myself to MY next level, in hopes that it will help you move to your own next level.

If any any point any of you have questions, please feel free to either send me an email, message me via my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. About content, about coaching, or just needing someone to listen. Mental health is something that, in my opinion, isn’t talked about NEAR enough in today’s society, and that’s what I’m here hoping to change. To remove the stigma of mental health and show people that you’re no weaker for talking about it, or going through anything that you’re going through!

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